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Bangkok Nightlife has found a new home: Maggie Choos

At the doorstep we were greeted by bouncers, after a little bit of a discussion which involved pretending to not understand what they were saying and playing the part of a Farang that didn't understand what dress code and reservations meant we head off downstairs into what was a full on Chinese restaurant. There were tiny little tables with a menu on the wall entirely in Thai, the ceiling full of beautiful parasols,  in the center of the room is a cage with a lizard (or maybe an Iguana).  I thought "This can't be the bar?" This is where the full experience begins.

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3D Chalk drawings in Ratchaprasong

found some really cool street art this weekend when I was out for a stroll on the skywalk between Chitlom and Siam BTS stations near the shopping mall district in Bangkok. I was out with a friend and we were headed to Erawan Shrine when we found a bunch of sidewalk chalk art, they were all three dimensional images. Professional Chalk artists were given free range to turn normal floors into pieces of art, and they've done an amazing

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